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Power Seat (Option)

The power seal cont-nits are Imam} on the armrest.

Rflififl the front ofthu Heal by pressing tho left Side of the front switch. Press the right side of this switch to lower the front of the seat.

Move the seal forward or back by pressing and huld'tng FWD or BACK. Raise tho seat by pressing and holding UP. Press and hold DN to lower the seat.

Press and hold the left sidfi of" the roar switch to mist: the rear ofthe seat. Press and huh-1 the right Hid: nt'lhih' switch to lower the rear ofthe seat.

Memory Seal [flplinn]

Here's how to use this feature:

II You don't need Ln- 51.111 your whim: yet, just malt: sure it is in PARK EP}.

I Adjust the driver's seat the way ynu want it. Press the SET button.

Move [he memory switch to | and your Healing position is pmgmmmed.

Now it's: 3131. ‘Whon your Elmdmaflcr is in PARK {P}. and you move the merrm-Jy xwimh I11 1. 111.1: seat will go I'D Where you

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