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Pressing an arrow on the FAN button will override this delay,r and turn on the blower.

MIDDLE: Pressing this button directs the air through the instrument panel outlets.

BLEND: This setting direc Lt th: airflow to the instrument panel outlets and the floor outlets.

FLOUR: Pressing This soiling directs all airflow to the floor on Ilets.

DEFOG: This setting directs the airflow to the windshield and floor areas.

VENT: Use this mtting when you don't want to cool the air coming into your vehicle. The airflow will come from the instrument panel outlets.

OFF: When The system is off, the venljlatiun allows air to flow through the limiter duets while the vehicle is moving.

The exterior temperature will show in the display ares.

Fan Speeds

The speed of the blower fan is controlled automatically if you have the fall on AUTO. However, you can control the fan blower speed with the FAN hutlon.

The blower speed will go lower or higher with every press of the button until the lowest or highest speed is reached.


This setting will direct the ELEEIHflN airflow toward the windshield. Use defrost when there is fog or ice on w the windshield.

lull-"El o flint-3.2! .4 _.I

Defrost will work better if any ice and snow is cleared from the hood and the air inlet area between the hood and the windshield.

Blower speed will be controlled automatically. or you can choose another speed by pressing the FAN button.


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