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Safety Belt Reminder Light

When the key is tented to RUN or START, a chime will come on for about eight seconds to remind people to Easten their safety belts. unless the driver’s safety belt is already buckled. The safety belt light will also come on and stay on until the driver's belt is buckled.

Air Bag Readiness Light

There is an air bag readiness fight on Ill-t: insmiment panel. which shows AIR BAG. The system checks the air bsg’s electrical system for melfunctions. The light tells you if there is an electrical problem. The system check includes the air bag sensors and modules, the wiring and Ihe diagnostic module. For more infonnation on the air bag system see “Air Bag" in the Index.

You will on: Illis light flash for a few seconds when you turn you: ignition Io RUN or STAR’IZ Then the light AIR should go ouL This means

BAG the system is ready.

If the air bag readiness light doesn't come oh when you start your vehicle. or stays on, or comes on. when you are driving, you: air bag system may not work properly. Have your vehicle serviced right away.


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