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Time Out Feature

The interim lamps will automatically shut eff after it} minutes if a deer in left upen. This feature is designed in help eliminate battery wear down.

Twilight Sentinel {Option}

Twilight sentinel turns. year headlamps, taillamps and parking lamps rm and eff hy sensing hew dark it is outside.

Te operate iti leave the switch off and mum: the twilight sentinel ennrrnl Inward AUTO MAX.

If yeu more the central all the way to AUTO Maxi year lamps will remain an fer three minutes ailer you turn Infi‘yeurengine. Ii'you move the control toward AUTO MIN. the lamps will go eff quickly when you turn eff year engine. You can set Il'tiS delay tune fer only a few seenndn er up in three minutes.

Your twilight sentinel and Daytime Running Lamps {Canada Only] werlt wiLh the light nensnr (in tap ef the inntrnrnent panel. Dnn‘t enter it up. If you do it will read "dark" and the headlamps will eeme en.

Daytime Running Lamps {Canada Only}

Daytime Running Lamps tDRL] can make it easier fer nthern tn net: the ii‘ent uf yttur Vehicle during the day. URL can be helpful in many different driving ennditiena. but they one be especially helpful in the nhnrt periecla after dawn and hefere sunsel.

A light Sensor en tep ef the instrument panel makes the DRL werlt. at] he sure it isn‘t etwererj.

The DRL system will make your low beam headlamps ee me en at reduced brightness in daylight when:

0 The ignition in ON. I The headlamp switch it: IEli-"F. and O The tranaaxle is net in PARK {P}.

1When the DRL are en. nnly year law bean] lmadiampa will he en. The parking lamps. taillamps. aidemarker and ether lampe won't be on. Year instrument panel won't be lit up either.


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