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Windshield Washer

m Ihe top of I11: 11.I1Tl signal lever [here's a paddle will] the word PUSH on il. To spray washer lluid on [he windshieldjuet push the paddle for less main :1 second. The washer will spru)’ several times. lhtn slop. Unless they are already turned on, the wipers will nperete at low speed for several sweeps. then turn off.

To get more fluid on the windshield. push and hold the paddle. Spraying will mnlinui: :15 lung as I11: paddle is held.

When you get to a low fluid crindiliun and you push The

peddle to spray washer fluid LUW on the windshield, ll'lE LOW


WASHER FLlJllIJI light will come on briefly to remind Fl.l.llD you to get more washer fluid soon.

Driving without washer fluid can he dangerous. A bad mud splash can block your vision. You could hi: another 1rehiole or go off [he road. Check your wee-chm- l‘luid level often.

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