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Thrtl Signal and Lane Change Indicator A green anew en the instrument panel will flash

In the direction of the mm or lane change.

To signal a lane change, just raise er Iewer the 1ever until the green anew starts to flash. Held it there until

yeru complete your lane change. The lever will return by itself when you release it.

As you signal a. turn er a lane change, if the arrnws don‘t The turn signal has me upward {far right} and [we flesh but just stay an. a signal bulb may be hunted eut

downward [fur left} pnnitiuns. These pusitinns njlnw you and ether drivers wen't see your turn signal. to signal alum 01' :1 Lane change,

If a bulb is burned out. replace it to help avoid an

To signal a turn1 move the lever all the way up er duwn. accident. if the green arrows don‘t ge on at all when you We the turn is finished. the lever will return signal a turn, check the fuse and cheek t'er burned-nut aurnmsriealiy bulbs. See "Fuses" in the laden.


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