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models as you maintain brake applieatiou. Then mom thoshiflleverinmlhegesryouwishfl’ress theshifi lever button before mov‘mg the shift lever on floor shifi console models] See “Shifting Out of PARK {P)" in this section.

REVERSE [R]: Use this gear to back up.

NOTICE: ShfltlngtnREVERSEffllwhfleyonr sehioleis

moving forward meld damage your transmit Shift to REVERSE (Ill unty nfler your vehicle is



To rock your vehieie back and fwd: to get out of snow. Donmge to your Ironsule caused by shifting out ice or sand 1IIiI'i'|:hout damaging your tl'ansuxlet see "H of PARK {P} or NEUTRAL {N} Will! the engine You‘re Stuck: In Sand, Mud. Ice oer Snow" in the Indus. racing isn't covered by 3-qu “floaty.

NEUTRAL {N}: [n this position. your engine doesn't connect with the wheels. To restart when you're already moving, use NEUTRAL (N) only. Also. use NEUTRAL (N) when your vehicle is being towed.


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