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How to Test the Alarm

The alarm can be tested by first having the driver's window down. Activate the system by locking the dim with the power door lock switch or the Remote Keyless Entryr System. Get out of the ear and close the door and wait for the SECUF'JT'tr light to go out. Then teeth in through the window. unlock the door with the manunl door loelt. and open the door. This should set off the alarm.

[f the alarm does not sound when it should. check to see if the horn works. The horn fuse may be blown. To replace the fuse+ see “Fuses and Circuit Breakers" in the Index.

To reduce the possibility of thefl. always activate the theft deterrent system when leaving your vehicie.



YUM vehicle is 31:11.1in with the

PAS Sv-KeyEIl {Personalized Automotive Security System} theft deterrent system. PASS-Royall] is a passive theft deterrent system.

This means you don’t have to do anything different to arm or disann the system. It works when you insert or remove the key from the ignition. PASSuKev‘E'fl uses a resistor pellet in the ignition key that matches a deeoder in your vehicle.

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