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Universal Theft Deterrent {Option}

If your Buick has this option. it has a theft deterrent alarm system. With this system. the SECURITY light

will flash as you open the door til‘ your ignition is oil“).

This light reminds you to aetivate the theft deterrent system. Here‘s how to do it:

1. Upon the door.

2. Lock the door with the power door toelt switoh or Remote Keyless Entry System. The SECURITY light should come on and stay on.

3. Close all doors. The SECURITY light should go off after about 3L1 seconds. The security system is not armed untit the SECURITY light is off. If the SECURITY light stays on when the ignition is turned on. there is a problem with the system out] the which: should be serviced.

Il'a door or me trunk is opened without the key or Remote Keyless Entry System. the storm will go off. it wilt also go off if the trunk lock is damaged. Your vehicle‘s lamps will flash and the horn will sound For

several minutes. then will go ofl'lo save battery power,

Remember, the theft deterrent system won't be activated if you loelt the doors with a key or manual door look. It only activates if you use a power door lock switch or Remote Keyless Entry System. 1t'tiru should also remember that you can start your vehicle with the cut—reel. ignition key ifthe alarm has been set off. but this does not shut off the alarm.

Hero‘s how to avoid setting off the alarm by accident:

I If you don‘t want to activate the melt deterrent system. the vehicle should be loot-ted rifler the doors are closed.

0 Always unlock a door with a key. or use the Remote Keytess Entry System. llniockiug a door any outer way will set off the alarm.

{tyne .ret off the alarm by deride-m. unite-l: any door with your key.

You can also turn off the alarm by using the Keyiess Entry System. The alarm won't stop if you try to unlock a door any other way.


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