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At least Gone a Year 2. Firmly apply both the parking brake {we "Famine Brake" in the Index it' mesmy} and the regular brake.

Key [melt Cylinders NOTE: Do not use the accelerator pedal, and he

Lubricate the key lock cylinders with the lubricant ready to turn off the en gine tmmediateiy if it starts.

SPEEIfiCd m PM D‘ 3. Try to start the engine in each gear. The starter should work only in PARK {P} or NEUTRAL [N]. If

Body Lubrication the starter ttrorlts in any other position, your vehicle

Lubrieate all body door hinges. Also lubricate all hinges needs service.

and latches, including those for the hood. glove box

door. console door and any folding seat hardware. Brake-Maxie Shift Interlock -- BT51 Part D tells you what to use. More frequent illbl'icalj'mt . . may be required when exposed to a corrosive enviromnent.

Starter Swlteh

1. Eefueywmhemywheyeexmghmornmmmd lhevehicleltshoifldbepmkedonalwelsurfeee.

2. Firmly apply the parking brake (see "Parki ng Blake“ in the Index it" neeeesmy'].

l. Before you start. he sure you have enough room PIG—FEE BC mfldi" to 313?]? “13 regular brake around the vehicle. immedj 9:1on 11' the veluele begins to move.


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