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Removing the Rear Seat Cushion

To access the emitter},r and main fuse boxes, the. rear seat cushion must he removed. You may Iwish to have your dealer do this for you.


The battery and main item boxes are located under the rem- eent cushion. The battery’s ground terminal and some relay wires are exposed. To help avoid damagelothe hatteryandwlree.he

careful when removing or reinstalling the seat cushion. Do not remove covers from covered parts. he not store any-filing under the seat. as ohjeels could touch explained wires and cause a Shari.

To Remove the Rear Seat Ctmhion

I. Pull up on the 1' rent of the cushion to Dela-nee the

front hooks.

2. Pull the cushion up and out towaifi the front of the


To Reinstall the Rear Seat Cushion


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