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If more hand clearance is required. remove the air cleaner assembly as follows:

I. Remeve the air duct clamp and separate the duct frem the air cleaner cover.

1. Remeve me air cleaner cover and detach the elech‘icnl eunnectur,

3. Tilt and pull the cover Inward the engine tn disengage it Trent the assembly.

4. Remove the filter.

5. Slide the air cleaner assembly Inward the engine to disengage and reme we it.

To reinstall the air cleaner ease mbly. slide the base sections intu their ftJ-rrner pesttjens. Install the filter and replace the enter. Reellaeh Ihe electrical connector and

air duct. and tighten the clamp.


Turn the bulb socket

lit-l turn toward the center nl‘ the engine enmpanment. while pressing it firmly.

Remove the wire eunnecter frnnt the bulb by lifting the Incl: tab and pulling it away from the plastic base.

Tn reassemble. attach the wire cennecter {A} tn the plastic base making sure the Incl: tub {E} ll-i‘ ever the lock (Cl. Install the built by putting lhe smell lab {DJ into the small notch in the lamp {E}. Turn the bulb socket IM turn melting sun: the tab is pmpcrly engaged in the panel allot.

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