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Tu ehedt the fluid Iet-‘el 2. Push a't heel: in all the way. wait three see-ands and

1. Park your vehicle on a level plaee. Keep the engine then pull it back mt again.


2. With the parking, brake applied. place the shill lever in PARK (P).

3. With your feel on the brake pedal. move the shift lever through each gear range. pausing fer abuut

three seconds in each range. Then, position the shift lever in PARK {F}.

4. Let the engine run at idle for Ihree In five minutes.

Then. withqu shutting off the engine. follow these steps:

1 . Pull out the dipstick and wipe it 3. Check hath side: of the dipstick. and read the lower wilh a clean. rag er [eve]. The fluid level must be in the cross-hatched paper towel. area.

4. lfthe fluid level is in the acceptable range1 plus-h the dipstick back in all the way.

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