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Gasolines for Cleaner Air

Your use of gasoline with deposit control additives will help prevent deposits from forming in your en ginc and fuel system. That helps keep your engine in tune and your emission control system working properly. it's good for your vehicle. and you’ll be doing your purl for cleaner air.

Many gasoline-s are now blended with oxygenates. General Motors reeommends that you use gasolines with these blending materials. such as MTBE and ethanol. Ely doing so. you ean help clean the air. especially in those pane of the country that have hi gh carbon monoxide levels.

in addition. some gasoline suppliers are now pmducing reformulated gasolines. These gasolines are specially designed to reduce vehicle emissions. General Motors recommends that you use mfonnuluted gasoline. By doing so. you can help clean the air. especially in those parts ot‘ the country that have hi git ozone levels.

You should ask your service station ore-rotors if their gasolines eontnin deposit control additives and oxygenates. and if they have been reformulated to red uee vehicle emissions.


Fuel 3500 Supetthnrged L157 (Code 1) Engine

The 8th digit of your vehicle identification number [VIN] shows the code letter for your engine. You will find the VIN at tlte top left of your instrument panel. [See “Vehicle Identification Number" in the Index.)

Lise premium unleaded gasoline rated at 9! octane or higher for best perliitrnancc. You may use middle grade or regular unleaded gasolines. but your vehiele may not aeeelerate as well. The gasoline you use should meet specifications ASTM D4314 in the United States and CGSB 3.5493 in Canada. Thine l'uels should have the proper additives, so you should not have to add anything in the fuel.

in the United States and Canada. it‘s easy to be sure you get the fight kind of gasoline (unleaded). You‘ll see L'NLEADED right on the pump. rind only unleaded nozzles will fit into your vehicle's filler neck.

Be sure the posted octane for premium is at toast 91 {at least 39 for middle grade and 8'." for rogular‘t. [l' the minor: is less than 3?. you may get o heavy knocking noise when you drive. If it‘s bad enough. it can damage your engine.

if you're using fuel rated at 9| octane or higher and you still hear heavy knocking. your en gine needs service.

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