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flew to Wear Safety Belts Preperly

Adults This part is only for pvttlpit‘: nl‘aduil size.

Be aware that there are special things to know about safety heiLx and children. And there are different rules for smaller children and babies. if a eitild will be riding in your Buick. see lite part of this manual L'fiilcd “Children.“ Follow ti'lme rules Iinr everyone’s prntetztion.

First. you'll want to know which restraint Systems yeur 1rehiele has.

We'll start 1with the driver position.

Driver Position

This plan deseri hes the til-i ver‘s restraint sys tern.

Lap-Shoulder Belt

The driver has a lap—shoulder beiL The shuultler purti nn of the belt has an energy management loop. [I is designed it: open and help protect you in certain crashes. [f it opens, you will see :1 label on the safety hell that says to replace the bell. Be sure to do so. if you don‘t. the safety belt won't work properly and Iwisn‘t protect you in ennth'r crash. Fnr mere information on replacing safety belts after a crash. see "Replacing Safety Belts" in the Index.

Here's how to wear the lap~shouider belt properly.

1. Close and lock the deer.

2. AdjLIst the seal {to see hnw, see “Seats" in the Index]

so you can sit up straight.


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