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If You’re Stuck: In Sand, Mud, Ice or Snow

What you don't want to do when your vehicle is stuck is

to spin yuu: wheels tau fast. The untitled him as umnpuct spare ‘3" 35‘ ““3” on ““5 "n3- Th“ "making" can help you get out. when you're Emmi:1 but

can damage the tire and wheel, and nmyhe ether you must ”5.; caution. parts uf'your vehicle.


Don't take your mull-tact spare through an uutumaflc car wash with guide rails. The

Don't LIED your compact spare uu sum: uthm vehicle.

And don‘t n1th your compact Spare or wheel with other wheels or time. ‘I'hey won‘t EL Keep you: spare. audits whee] together.

NOTICE: fire chains wun't fit your compact spare. Using

themwiiidmageruurwehieleanfl duh-u: the chaiustne.nun’tuueflmd1aiusunyuurcumpaet


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