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If you drive regularly in strep county. or if you're planning to visit them here are some tips that can make your trips safer and more enjoyable.

O Keep your vehicle in good shape. Check all fluid levels and also the brakes, tires, cooling system and transaxie. These parts can work hard on mountain roads.

I Know hon.I to go now-n hills. The most impomnt thing to know is this: let your engine do some of the slowing; down. Shift to a lower gear when you go down a steep or long hill.

Know how to go uphill. Shift down to THIRD [3). This will help oooi your engine and transaxlc. and you can climb the hill better.

Sits},I in your own lane when driving on two—lane mods in hilis or mountains. Don't swing wide or out across the center of the road. Drive at speeds that let you stag.r in your own lane,

As you go over the top of a hill, be alert. There could be something in your lane. like :1 stalled car or an aoeidenL

You may see highway signs on mountains that warn of special problems. Examples are long grades. passing or no-passing zones. a falling rocks ma. or winding roads. Be alert to these and take appmpfiare anion.


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