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li'ynu du nut huue traction comm]. nr ii' the when: is ufl'. then ttn acceleration skid is»: aim hen-t handled by easing yuur fuel ul'f the ttctseleratm' pedal.

If your 1vehicle starts to slide. ease your that off the aceelerutnr pedal and quickly steer the way you want the vehicle to gn. li' you Marl. steering quickly enough. your Irehlele may straighten out. Always he ready l'ur :1 socnnt] skid ill it ticcurx.

Of course. trautiuri ih‘ reduced when water. snow. ice. gravel. or other material it. tin the mud. Fur safety. you‘ ll want In slow dawn and adjust ynur driving to these eudditiehs. it is important to slow dawn on slippery surfaces because stripping distance will he ion per and vehicle cenu‘e] mere limited.

While driwng on a surface with reduced lrurlinn, try your hes-st tn timid sudden steering. accelemtien, ur braking tincluding engine hraking by shifting la n lnwer gear]. Any sudden changes cnuld euuiae the thee to slide. We may nut realize 1he surface is slippery until your vehicle i5 skidding. Learn to recognize warning ulues -- such us enough water. ice or packed Show nn the med It: make a "nurtured surface" -— and slow dewn when you have any duubl.

Remember: Any anti-luck hfllkE system lABSi helps M'u'td only the hmking skid.

Driving at Night

Night driving i5 more dangernute thun day driving. Due reustin in Lhttt some drivers are likely m be impaired "- by ulcul‘ttil or drugs. with night visit‘rn prnhlemx. nr by


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