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Balance: The control behind the upper knob allows you to balance the sound between the right and left speakers. Balance is graphically displayed.

LIN-VET Knob: The lower knob does the lollowing:

0 Turn the lower Irrtoh to tune radio stations. Il‘ you hold tlte TUNE lmoh in the tune position. it will begin tu- tune rapidly.

0 Push the lower knob to get AM. FMI or Fit-{2. Note the graphic display.

I The control behind the lower knob rattles lhc sound ketween the from and rear speakers. The balance between speakers is graphically displayed.

Finding a Station

1 SEEK p: Press SEEK to search for the next lower or higher station and stop.

SCAN: When SCAN is pressed. the radio will go to the next station. pause and keep scanning untii ynu press SCAN again.

RCL: Ptess RCL to change [he display between the clock and the radio station frequency when the radio is on. To display the time wilh the ignition nit". press RC‘L.

Presets: The five {l -5] pushhnttons can he used to preset up to Ifi radio stations ilit'e AM. live Film and five FM2 stations).

[. Tune in the desired station.

2. Push SET.

3. Within five seconds. push one of the list: pushhuflons. Whenever you push that button. the preset stntion will return.

4. Repeat these steps let each puslthutton

Setting the Tone

j. BASS 1": Press BASS to increase or decrease bass tones. For the BASS preset setting. press the center of the unnlrtil.

1, TREE 1': Press TREE to increase or decrease treble tones. Press the center at the TREB control for the preset level.

Setting the Clock I . Push SET with the i gnitinn on and the radio till.

2. Within five seennds. push and hold SCAN until the correct hit-Lit appears.

3. Press and hold SEEK «1 or b until the correct minute appears.


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