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Your Buick has a Dual Automatic Condor'I‘emp Climate Coho-oi system.

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OFF: Winn the system is DFE air will flow through you: Buick when the vehicle is moving. The system will try to keep Ihe air at chosen temperature The ouleide temperature will Show in the displayr area when the sysbem is OFF.

FAN: The speed oflhe blower fall is oontmlled automation”)r if Il1e Fen is: on AUTO.

The blower fan 1will run at a lower speed by Willing FAN 1". if you want to raise the blower speed. push FAN L The blower speed will change with every push of the button until the lowest or highest speed is. reached.

You can also adjust the direction of the air flow lo Ll'u: rear seafing urea.


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