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Cruise (Inntrol

I NUTICE' Will] L'I'llth' mulml. yuu can mainluin a Hlneecl nl'ahnut I When using cancenirawd washer fluid. 15 mph I-Hl' 1:111ch nr inure willmui keeping gmur I'm! an ntIqu the manufacturer‘s inslrucfiofls [or IllL‘ ilEL‘ElCI'lJlUI'. Tlllfi L'ull mall}- liclrl [111 lung lrlpfi. {'ruis-iu adding “an.“ cmurnl Llucu 1qu wu-rk ul x'ch-dx helnw uhcull 25 mph Don't mix water with ready-lu-um- washer l4” mull”- I'Iuicl. Water can cause the solution to freeze When yuu apply.- }-uur brakes. [he cums: cunlrul 9.111;“- and damage :mur washer fluid tank and, mi.

nther parts of the washer system. A Lm.

water duefiu‘l clean as well as washer fluid. Fill your washer fluid Iunk only am full when it‘s very euld. This alluwa fur expansion. which could damage the lank if it is completely lull.

Don'I use rudiatnr antifreeze in your windshield washer. It can damage your paint.


I Cruise enntml can be dangeruus where you can't drive safely at a steady speed. Sn. don't use ynur cruise wutml nn winding

roads or in heavy traffic. Cruise central can be dangerous an slippery roads- On such roads, tail changes

in lire trnelinn can cause needless wheel spinning. and you could [use comm]. Dun’l use cruise tel-nun] un slippery roads.

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