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Turn Signal and Lane Change Indiealnr

The turn signal hats Iwn upward tier right} and rum downwnt'u {fur lel'tjl pusitinnn. These punitinnn allow ytru it) signal u turn HF 11 lane Change.

Tn l:1'gnzll it turn. more the lever all the mt}- tr]: nr den-'11. When the [Urn it: finished. Il‘tt: lever will return uuturnutieully.

A green nrmw nu the instrument panel will 11:15]] it! lht: directiun Elllll'lL: turn nr lttnr: change.

Tu signal it lam: ehungejusl mine or Irrwer the lever lJl'llll the green ur'ruw stunn' tn flush. Hold. it there untj] ynu L‘umpletc your lane change. The let-er will return h}: ithull'wl'tun you release it.


m gnu Signal :I mm Dr H lune change. ll'lhe rrrmws don‘t lint-l1 hut jLIE-I 3hr}- nn. .3 signal bulb may be burned nut and uther drivers wnn't see yntrr turn signal.

In: hulh 'rr. burned nut. replace ll to help avoid rm accident. II' the green nrmws don‘t g1: on at all when you Signlll r1turn. check the 1115:: [we “Fur-ten and Circuit Breakers" in the Index: 'sLl'ttl I'nr burned—out htrlhs.

A eitinre will mund iI' 3,-4.th leave ynur turn hlgl'tfll en for more than lr'l mile “18 krill.

Headlamp Highflhw Beam

'l't‘r chungt‘ your htudlulnph ['rttrn Iraw heum In high beam. ur high to [mun pull the rnullil'unctinn lever al] the way tnwunl ynu. Then release it. When the high been“ me an. .1 blue light run the instrument panel ulnar} will hr: Inn.

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