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Shifting [lltfl PARK (P) -l. Rum-av;- Ihc key and min: '11 with you. ll'1.'nLI can

wall; awn} l'mm yum vulliulr wilh 1|IL' igllilim: Lu}- in yuur humJ. yuur s-uhiclc is; in PARK. l F'].

A CAUTION: CunsnleShifl

I! can be dangeruus tn gel nut (If ynur vehiclE if I Huld [hL‘ ln'uku pudnl Llnwn wi1h gnur righl l'cml and the Shift lever is not fully in PARK “’1 wllh [ht- scL lhu purl-Ling brill-m. Parkmg brake firmly set‘ Tulll' vehlfle can roll. 2. lec lhu shil't lever inTn PARK lF'] pnr-iliL'Iil like “lib:

If 3mm have lrl‘t the engine running. the vehicle can move suddenly. 1lfinuu nr uthers could he

in] ured. To be sure your vehicle wnn'l move, even when you‘re on fairly,I level ground. use lhE shape: that follow. If you're pulling a trailer, 99(- "Towing :1 Trailer" in the Index.

lluld in [he lmmm on [he ELW'LT. and push [he Im-‘urull lhc Way [Du-um the l'rt‘nll ul' r yuur which.

Cnlumn Shift

I. Hold the brake pmhll Lqu-n wulh yum' right 11an um] .‘u-L‘I 11w. parking lumlw.

3. Mum: the .~.|'|Ll'l IL‘VEEI'InLHPARK[Pl].1U}Ili{1lliikc'lhlni

D Full lhl: tuvur tnwunl you. 3. Mm'u: [hp ignition l-ccy lU LUCK. . MUW "1L" [WU ”P '-'-" m" “3“ it “"1“ EU- 4. Rummc 'lllL.‘ key and lulu: il wilh yuu. l1-}'l3l| can

walk uuuy from your l'chic]: will] the igninnn Jury ll]

3. Mu'l'a- lilL' Igniliun km: 1:: LUCK. _ _ _ ' 3'uurl1u1nl._\-'ml.1'l'uhlclu: I5 ll'l PARK [F].

2-20 —_ _ _.

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