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Glove Box

Use the dour key In loci-1 and unlock the glove box. To upen. lift the latch.


Vehicle lhcl'l is big huxincsx. lei-:pvem'all}r in mule cities. Allhuugh 1mm" Buick 31:“ :1 nurrthcr ul' thel'l, deterrent i'culurcri. we know 11131 null-ling we pul ran it can make it impussiblc to chu]. Hnwcvcr. there an: Mtge-i yum can help.


Key in the lgnilinn

ll‘ytau wuiL away l'mnl yuur vehicle with Ihc. keys. inside. it's; all ealey large! for in}- ridera nr pmt‘esflunul illic'r'L’h -- 51.1- Liun'l Llu il.

When yam park yuur Buick and open the driver‘s dear. gmu'il hear u chime rclrlirmiiru:r yuu m rcrntwe your key l'mrn Ihc ignition and take it with you. Always do lhis. ‘r’nur steering wheel will be locked. and .50 will yuur igniliun um] lruHr-uxlc. And rcmcrnhcr lu luck the iJlJun-i.

Parking at Night

Park in a lighted :ipnl. Elm-ii! ull winduws and luck yuur vehicle. Remember in keep your valuables out of sight. Pu: lhem in a; unmge area. or lake Ihem with gun.

Parking Lots

lfyuu park in it ill! where Humeune will be watching your vehicle. il'fi hem Lu luck it up and lake your keys. But what “I yum hm'c lu Icuvt: yuur ignitinn key? Whul il‘ you l'lillr't' lu Icuw: wrncthing 1valuablc in yuur vehicle?

I Pul gnui' valuables in a Rmmgc areal. like :mur trunk nr gin“: hnx.

0 Lock Ihc glen-c huh. Lil-Ell: :ill the tIIHm-L except [he dfiver'x.

I Then iuke Ihc l.i{'l'l'|'l' key wilh ynu.

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