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Matching Transmitterts) To Your l't’el'ticlc

Each key chain transmitter is coded tn prevent another transmitter from unlocking your vehicle. If a transmitter is. lost or stolen. a replacement can be purchased thrc-ttgh yourdenler. Remember to bring any remaining transmitter: with you when you go to your dealer. When the dealer matches-i the reptacemenl ll'ill'IHD'l'illIE-T to your vehicle. the remaining transmitters must fllfifl be matched. Once the new transmitter is coded. the 111i! transmitter will not unlock your vehicle.

You can match a transmitter to as many different vehicles as you own. provided they are equipped with exrtt'n'y rite .t‘eiltlte ntmiei .t'rt'h'fe'm. (General Motors ttl't'era Heveral different models. of these system. on their vehicles.} Each vehicie can have only Iwa transmitter: matched to it.

See your dealer to match transmitters to another vehicle.

Battery Replacement

Under normal use. the batteries: in your key chaitt transmitter nl‘tuold last about two years.

You can tell the batteries are weal: it' the transmitter won‘t work at the normal range in any location. ll'yuu have to get close to year vehicle before the tranhmittcr warict. it‘a probably time to change the hatterien.


To replace your batteries:

I. Inxert :1 Hal abject like a dime into the slot on the hack Hr the transmitter. Gently pry apart the front and back.

2. Gently pr}: the batteries out of the transittitter.

3. Put the new hulleries. into the transmitter an Hltown on the transmitter. Utte Duraceil'" batteries. type DLEEJ I e. or equivaient.

4. Put the two halves back together. Matte sure the halve» are together tightly no water won't get in.


. Test the transmitter.

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