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From If“: inside. purdl [he lc'u'ur down It] luck the door. Tn unluck. push thu- [f‘l-‘EI.’ up.

Power Door Luclm

Pl'cfis the power le-nr luck switch 1:: luck or unlock all damn;

On four'uluur rmJ-dtlh'. ll'u: rear dram}: do not Inwe puwcr door lack fiwilchcx. The leveran and: rear duur wurkh nllly thl! dour'x luck. It won't luck or {”1le all IIH: dum'h‘.

Automatic Door Locks

Illfil close ymu' claws and turn an llu: ignililm. All ml the dunr»: will luck when 3mm 1mm: your sh'll'l [cw-er nut 01' PARK 1P] nr NEUTRAL Lh‘l. All 1.111(er will unluck uuinmulicully when Ihe ignition is.- lumL‘ll ul‘l‘.

ll'mmCDnt‘ needs [11ch (Jul whit: Ehl: vehicle in mnning. hall: [huL FHJHUH us: the manual nr pnwm' Int-ck. When U1: duur is closed again. it will Iock autumallculiy UH lung uH lhu u.l'ui1't1I:1-=t:1'i-. out ol‘I-lfilllfi {P} or NEUTRAL 1N} and the :gnitinr: i5 on. Nut: [[1 ul the [.10er must he opened. men cluxcd. nr the dour wlll not numnmtically whack.

[I' you dml't wam [he dunrh to unlock uumnwticully wllun yuu lurn IhE ignilioil 0H. you can NITIUTL‘ Ihc Luck Cur-Irul fuse in Ilu: iuxtrumcm [maul I'lm- bluck. 5c;- "Fusus and Circuil Breakers" ill the Indus.

Leaving Your Vehicle

'1' }-'nll lll'e It‘ilvi Ilg lhc lrchiclu. lull'l: yuur keys, npcn ynur Llflt‘ll' and reel Ill»: IutLh I'mrrl inside. Thcn gel (Ill! and clust- 11h: Lluur.

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