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At Least {lune H Year NOTE: Do not um: lilo ilCL'L'iL'filiLll' pcdul. and he rounli- so tum ul'l'lhc engine immediately in slum.

Key Luck LHindnrs 3-. Tr].- to hi-iJl'i tin: engine in uuL‘ii gear. 'i'hrc qmrter

Lllbl'iL‘iltE Ihd key lock cylindon will} the lubricant hht‘lllili woo»; only in PARK [Fl Ur NEUTRAL {N}. If

hpucil'icd in Purl D. 1h: HIJII'IL'F workh' in any ulhm' pokiuon. your whiulu Hoods service.

Body Lubrication

Luhriculc ull Ilingfl :lnL'l latchd‘; including "my: liar 1h: Brake-Tramiaxie hm“ Interlock -- B1 '5]

body- doors. hood. rcur uompunmeot. glove hm clout. Ultimo]: door and any I'll-Ming soul hull'i'llrill'fl. Pam D mils you what to use. More t'requem luhricuu‘on mug.- he ruquirod when expound to :I corms-1' w.- cm'il'nnmunl.


When you are doing [his check, the vehicle could

5.3”” Switch more suddenly. If it does. you or others could be in] urod. Follow Ihe steps below.


J. Boi'orc you ulurl. bu N'lll'i.‘ you have enough room

When you am doing this check. the vehide could around the vehicle. It allouiii be parked on 41 level mm suddenly. If It does. you or olhors could be 3” ""L'L” Injured. Follow the steps below. 2. Firmly apply lln: pulling brake (not: "Parking Brukc“ in thr: Index il' nuoushury}. I. Boron: you stun. bi: sure you how: enough room NOTE: B” “5143" 1” ”PPM”. ”"3 rcgulur hm": ““de 1h: vuhiolo. Immdllluloly Ii the 'l":1if'llIL'iL‘ begin}: to mmc,


,. Firmly apply both this purl-king bi'ukc mic "Furlong Broke" in li'll.‘ link}; it" noL‘L-nafyi um] lhu I'cglliol' i'n'itkc.

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