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Ealei'itir painted surfaces are subjeel ll} aging. weather antl chemical faIJLiLII that can take their toll m—‘er a period til'years. Yeuu can help In keep Ihe paint finish looking new hy keeping your Btiiel-t garaged er revered wheneeer pesxihle.

Aluminum Wheels (If So Equipped}

‘r'atrr aluminum wheels have a pruteelit-e L‘llilllilg similar in the painletl surface of your vehicle. Don't use strung straps. Claimieals. ehl'urne ptilish. abrasive eleaners t'lr ahrasise cleaning brushes (in them heeuttse you could damage this earning. After rinsing thnrntighly. a Was may he. applied.


ll' :rau have aluminum wheels. don‘t use an

autematie ear wash that has hard silienn carbide cleaning hrusltes. These hrtisllt-s ean take the pruteelit-e mating all“ your aluminum wheels.

Tires Tn elean year tire-s. Use a still brush with a tin; cleaner.

When applying a tire dressing always take eat-e [L1 Wipe all any twel'spray L'll' splash than painter] surl‘aees. Pclmleum-haaed products may damage the paint finish.

Sheet Metal Damage

ll year vehicle is damaged and requtres shee1 metal renair nr replacement. make sure the handy repair shtip applies amt-eurrtislun material Lu- the pttrls repaired or replaced [U t‘esltire etirmsinn pmlemian.

Finish Damage An}- slnne chips. I'raeturex nrdeep scratches in the I'inish

shnultl be repaired right assay. Ban: metal will erin'etle quick Iy and mag.- develrip inlu a maiur retstir espenxe.

Mititir chips ant]. scratches can he repaired with muchvui‘i malei'ials available than ynur dealer ”rather service outlets. Larger areas ul' littish damage can he etirreeted In your dealer's hardy antl paint shop.

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