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lnfiatinn - Tire Pressure

The Tim-Loading lnt'nnnulinn label which ih insidr llu.‘

lrunk lid shown the surreal inflminn pres-auras l'ur yourfirex.

when they're culd. “Enid" meurlr. yuur vuhiclu l'lllh' been

sitting fur ul. [rust Lhrre hour:- ur driven nu more. than El mile.


Dun‘t let anyone tell you thal unrlerinl'taiinn nI' inverinflminn is all right. It's nut. [ijur fires dun‘l have enuugll air {undefinl'latinnj you can gel:

Tun much flexing

Too much heat

Tire overloading

Bad wear Bad handling

Bud l'uel crummy. Il' ynur tires have Ina much air {merinflatiunh you can get: 0 Unusual wear 0 Bad handling 0 Ruugh ride 0 Needless damage from road hazards.

When. '10 Check

Check your lira, ”nut 11 Inunlh rnr mnrc.

Don't Fnrgcl your turnpuc'l HFHTL: “rt. [1 HIIE‘JUld he at [all psi {-120 kP'El}.

Haw tn Check

Use it gnnd qualil}r pixkcl-lypr gugr lu Cheri. till.1 presume. Simply lnnking at the firm will not bull you the prrnaure. ce-pccially if you hawr radial Iircs. -- which may lunk properly inflated even ifthey're underinllmed.

Il'ymlr tircs haw: ml“: L'ul'lh'. bl: sure It: pul [hull] buL'L nn. They help prerenl leuks hy keeping uul din and moifilurc.


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