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3. Lift lhr piusliu lug-king [ah nn ll]: clcclrica! connector and puil lhe L'Ul'JIICLJ'lUI' anl ltH: headlamp hulh mukel.

4. Align the rah}. nn Ihe new I'Iulh L:nu:..'|-;\et with The HIHH In Ilm Imming and install the hull: socket.

5. Turn Ihf‘ hulh 40::ch clusn‘k wine.

(a. Snap 1hr. cicmncal conncrlur inm Ihc bulb swim.



Rummu [he pluxlic l'lIJIh' and [MN [ht curl-Jul uwilji I'I'nrn 1hr: rear nl'lhe trunk.

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