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Brakes NOTICE:

in Master C 'linder I When using euncentreted washer fluid. Bra E F

l'ullnw the manul’anurer‘s instructions l'nr “PM With? "15"!” cylinder it hCW- j” “HUG Willl adding water. DOT-3 brake fluid.

lJmi‘t mix water with ready-‘ln'use “Hither fluid. Water can cause the mlutiun to freeze and damage your washer fluid tank and ulher purbi nl‘ the washer system. Mm.

H-nler tinesn'l i'leun iL'i well use washer fluid. Fill your washer fluid tank uni}; 3M full when it's 11' re eoldv This allows fur expansion. which euuld damage the tank if it is; completely I'LIII.

Duu‘l nee mdiamr antifreeze in ynur windshield washer. It ran damage yuur washer system and paint.

"There are Ullib' lwu muwnu why the hull-(e llujd law] in yuur mquL'r cylmder might go down. 'The FIN is Ihzll lhc brake Fluid goes; dim-n In it“ acceptable level during nnrmnl hruk: lining wear. When new Imingh are mil in. the Fluid lute! gney hurl». up. "Hie miter rctmut '15 ll'nlt Hulsl it. leuking nut til" the I'lmkc wide-III. II' It iH. jr'nu

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