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Doing Your Own Service Work

If yml mm: 1:: Lin Hum: nl'ynur uwn sen'ice wm'L. yuLL‘IE want In gcl Ihe prnpcr Buick 5611-qu Manual. II. lulh y'nu much nmre :ihmll lmw LU scn'iu: yuur Buick Ilmn [his Inamuill L‘un. Tu tardcr Ihe prnper surviuc munuuL 5m: "Survive Fuhlicatimm" in [he Indra.

Ynul' vehicle 11:15 an air hug syhlmn. Bul'nru illlcn'lprirlg In {in :mul' ”W11 rich-in: wnrk. we: “Servicing 'fisur Air Hug-liquippcd Buick" in lhe index.

You shuuld keep a record with all pui'lH rcumplh' and

“fit II'IL‘ mileage and lh-E'. date ul'nny scrvicu work 3.1m perfi'rrm. SEC “Mumtcnuncu Recnrd" in 1115: Index


You can be injured ifyuu Iry to do sat-fire work on a vehicle wi'lhnut knowing enough about it.

II BI: sun: 3.1m have sufficient knowledge, experience, and the prayer replmtemnt

parts and tools before you sue-mp! any vehicle maintenance task.

Be sure 1:] use lhu proper nuts. Imus and D-lht'l' fasteners. “English" and "metric" I'm-tuners can be easily confused. If you use the wrung fasteners. parts can later break In full NT. You could be hurt.


Il'grnu “'3' In (In yuur own service work “imuut

knowing umlugh nlmul il. ynur which: on-uld he damaged.

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