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If You’re Stuck: in Sand. Mud. lee or Snow

What you don"t u-nnt tn dn when your 'Ir'tflllLIiL' is stuck is to slim your wheels too fast The method known a.» “melting" L'ilt'l help you get ”LII when you‘re stuck. hLIE )‘L'lli milk-1 liHL‘. Uillliiltli.


If you let your tires spin at high speed. they can explode and you or ulhers could be injured. And. the transasle or other parts of the vehiele ean

overheat. That could cause an engine

compartment fire or other damage. When you're smelt1 spin the wheels as little as possible. Don't

spin Ihe wheels above 35 nip]! [55 kmfli] as shown on the speethmHEIen


Spinning your wheels can destroyr pa rls of your

eehiele as Iwell as the tires. If you spin the wheels too fast while shifting your transnsle hark and forth. you eon destroy your trensuxle.

Fm" int'm'mulinn uhnnl using tire chains on your vehicle. see. "Tire Chains" in Ihe index.

Rocking your vehicle to get it out:

First. turn your steering wheel lel't and right. 'Fi'iut will clear 111:: area] fll'tlllntl ynur i'rnnl wheels. Then shii'l hack .ou t'urlln hem-eon REVERSE {R} and a formed geur. spinning the wheels as little as possible. Release the accelerator pedal whiie you shift. and press lightly on the accelerator pedal when the ti'onsuxie is Ill gear. lt' [hm doesn't get you out other a tew tries. you mo}- need to he lowed uul If you do need 1:: he towed out. see "Tiiwlng Your 1Vehicle" ill the Index.

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