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51:3” ynnr Huick, and H11: had grounding L‘lltlltl . damage III: Clut‘triuill HEM“: mi. An electric fan can start up even when the engine

is not running and can injure you. Keep hands. cluflling and balls away from any underhflod electric fan.

Tim uuuld hu injilrud il' Itu: "u'L‘I'LiL'lL'lI I'nll. ELL-1 the [ranking hrnlu: l'iiTnly im with vchiulu. PHI un ilullill‘lillll.‘ li'illl‘iil'fllc in PARK 11"] Ul' :1 manual lriinsunli‘: in NEUTRAL i N}.

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H311" leave your radii: iin. it ciiuld In: badly 1"" “I‘m“ ”'1'

damaged. Tim repairs wouldu'l be mwred by ynur warranly.

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