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Fixed Mast Antenna

The fixed mast anlelina eau withstand most ear waahes; without being damaged. Ii "1: l'l'llll-il Hhuuld ever immune alighily hem. you can alraighlen it mm by hand. [i the meal is. badly henl. as iI might he by 'i-lintiuih. yiiu sliuuld replace it.

Check ever}- :mee in a while to he Hun: the mum in ail] lightened m the fender. Fewer antenna Mast Care

Yuur power antenna will ImL in he.“ uml wnrk well it 11‘s eleaneil I'runi time in lime. Tu eleun 1lie anleuna ll‘IEISl'.

I. Turn l1|l [he ignitinn and radii: tu- raiae ihe antenna.

2. Dampen a elean elulh with mineral spirits or equivalenl Mll'r'lJI'll.

.1. Wipe the civil: m'ea' me man aeeliulia. I‘L‘IIIL‘H-‘illg any dirt.

4. Wipe dry Wiilll a elean elnlh.

5. Make the anleima gt: up and [linen he turning Ihe I'LlLliU ur ignlliun ul'l'and en.

(1. Then repezn if neeeaaar}.


Don‘t lubricate the power antenna. Luhl'ieatinn could damnge it.


Before entering an automatic ear wash. turn ruff your radiii in make the puwef antenna gu dawn. This will prevent the mast from possibly getting

damaged. 1! the antenna does not go down when :r'lJll turn the radin eff. it may he damaged or need tn be cleaned. In either ease. ltmer the anlenna by hand by carefully pressing the antenna dawn.

Il' Ihe must [inrliun nl'yuur anlenna is dailiaged. yuu can mail}: repluee it. See yerurdealer I'm" a replacement kii and linlluw ilie insll'ueiinnn iii the hi1.

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