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0n cold days. we llTR with Lin: lETanTulurt': lever all the Way to WARM. The system will bring in outside uir. liont iL und HETIIZI it In the floor ducts.

If your vehicle has; an origin: otnilani humor. you can use it to help your system provido warm an faster when it‘s cold oulnitle EFF t-l EEC} or lower}. An onglni: con-Ian: hauler warms the Ct‘n‘ilnnt your engine and heating

53 stern out in prot-idu: haul. See “Engino Coolant Htulor‘" in the Index.


Fnr mild nulHidf: temperatures: when little homing or cooling is needed. use VHN'I' to dircL'I. untoido air through your vehicle. Your which: .‘ilou has 1hr: flow—through ventilation lap-torn Lit-Scribcd lulur in thin suction.

Defogging and Defrosting Windows

Your ny'hlom has two fiettingfi for clearing tho front and Sidl: windnws. Tn defrost ”to. windows quickly. Llh'L‘ FRONT with the temperature lover all 1hr way to WARM. To wnnn pnnnenget's while keeping th' windowx clean. '|.l.'i.l"_‘ BLEND,


Rear Window Defogger

The rear window dofoggor

' uses. a warming grid [11 rcmutrt: l'ug from the roar

. window. Press tho button to . turn the {11:11:33ng on. 11 will . turn itselfnt'l'at'ler about ten 4 minutes.

If you tum it on again. the alt-logger 1will only run for about 111.1: minutes before filming off. You can also turn it 1111' by turning off tho ignition or proofing the button again.

Du not uLIflL‘I‘I anything like :i Iemporary vehicle license or ducal norm-.5 the defogger grid.


Don’t um.- n razor blade or Something also sharp

on the insider of the rear window. If you do. you could cut or damage the warming grid. and tho repairs wouldn‘t. he covered by your warranty.

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