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System Controls Fan Lever

The bottom lever neleeLx the l'tircr: ofnirytiu want.

Temperature Lever

The upper lever changes the temperature ol'the uir uttming through the system. Slide the lever toward WARM the warmer air. Slide the lever toward COOL t'or cooler air. If your system he»; the auxiliary temperature L‘tmtml option. thin lever Cttntrolt'. the temperature for the whole 1vehicle- unless DUAL in praised. When DUAL ii- massed. this lever controls die temperature for the linear,

Passenger Tmperature Let-er {Uplinnt

Th1: hit-'L‘r on [he passenger's '. door sets tht: temperature for the front tsettl pnesenger.

Press-t the DUAL huttnn on the system face so the light on it is lit. Slide the lever on the door toward H to raise the temperature. Slide it toward C to lower the temperature. To allow the driver to set the temperature. push the DUAL button again.

Mode Buttons

The pa nel Int:- tot-end settings to control the direction of air flow. The indicator light on the button will glow when the button in Fi'efitfifl'd.

OFF: The syste m. including The fen. is ni't‘.

RECIRC: This setting recirculales much of the air inside your 1t'ehiele. lfyour Hyetem line; the auxiliary tempel'ultlre control option. you do not have this button on your system.

VENT: This setting brings in outside air and directs-i it through Lht.‘ instrutiienl panel t‘.ILll]E'l.‘i.

I-ITR: 'I‘hiit mtting sends most tifthe air through the LILIIIL‘i hour the Hour. The rest comes out of the defroster tint! htdt: window vents.

BLEND: Thih' setting allows hull‘ til" the air to gt: lo the Floor ducts and ltuli‘ to the tie-truest and side window vents.

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