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Your speedometer lets you see your speed in both miles per hour {mph} and kilometers per hour [kmfht Your odometer Shows. how for your 1remote has: been driven in either miles {used in the United States) or in itiIometen; [used in Canada}.

Your Buick hits a lottlper—resismnl odometer. If you see silver lines between the numhem. ynu‘ ll know someone has probably tempered with it and the numbers may not he true.

You may wonder what happens. it' your 1.rehiele needs. n new odometer installed. if the new one can he set to the mileage Into] of the o|d odometer. then it must be. But it” it can't. then it‘s set at zero and :t iebel must. be put on the driver's door to show the old mileage reading when Lite new odometer watt installed.

Trip Odometer

Your trip odometer tells. hit-w far you have driven since you last reset it. To set it to veto. press the button on the right Side of the instrument cluster.


The tachometer displays the engine Hpeed in thou sands

of revolutinm per minute {rpm}.


Do not operate the engine with the tachometer lo the red area. or engine damage may occur.


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