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Astmroof {Option}

Your astrem-of includes a sliding giusti panel and a sliding sunshade. Tile switeh works-i unly when the ignition is on.


Tn "pt-1n the glass panel and sunshade. ptess the rear (if the switch. Let go ni'lhe SWiIL‘h tu- HICII'J the panel in any position. Frees. the front of the switch to close the glass panel. The sunshade eun only.r be closed in}: Emmi

To open the rear L-ent. press the front of the switch when the ilfiii‘iifi'fllrifi timed. Open the sunshade by hand. Press the rear of the switch to close the rent.

The astrurmf glass pattei cannnt he ripened L'Ir alumni it‘ your vehicle hate an electrical failure.

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