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Pflwer Windnws driwr can still contml all the winduws with the hwiich in the locked position. Push UNLOCK It: ullnw yhur liasficngers it: use their winduw miichu again.


Tu stimid the ham. [arc-5.5 :1 pad wilh tin: hum symhoi on either with: of the Mailing wheel.

Tilt Wheel

Ft lili Sicuring wheel fliiflws you Lu- adjust Ihe atecn' rig wheel before you ilri ma.

You can ails-0 raise it to the highest love] to give your tugs more room when you exit and enter [hi3 vehicie.

'l'uur [mwer witidiiw cnr‘ltmlu an: un Lhe amifflfit. 'l'ht: switch for (ht: driver"; window has an expre Ss-dtiwn i'caturc. Pull the Switch hack all lllt' way. retense it and th' window will lnwur autonmlicniiy. To slap the window from luwuring. push thi: switch forward. Tn

partially open I11: window. puil the switch back and quickly.r release: it. To tilt the wheel. lmiu the steering whucl and pull Lilli

lcvcr inward you. Mtwc the steering whcel ID a cutni'urtahle posiliun, then release Lhi: lever to lock Lhi: Wliccl in place.

You aim have u lu-L'l.‘ mII bulmn. Push LOCK. [u Liisuhle the power window $W‘ittiifl5. This will prcveiit

pasziungcrfi from Upcning and Closing the windows. The ——_—_—————_——_—————— 2-29

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