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Causelte Black

Clean CHh‘HELLL‘ deck. CleaningI should he dune cit-cry fill Imuri. ul' tttpt: piuy. Sue “Audin Systcnth" in tht: Influx t'ur I'urlltcr dead In.

I-‘mn'er Antenna

Clean power untennn maxi. See “Audio Syn'lcn'n-t" in tllc index for [what details.

At Least Grace 3 Year

Key Lflck Cylinders

Luhrit'ttlt: the key Inuit cylintlcrl; with the lubricant aperil‘jctl in Part I).

Bind}- Lubrication

Luhriuult: ull tin-d}- duur hingth. Alan lLll'lIrlL'ulL' nll llingue- and lutcl‘tcn. including mom: for the lumd. gltwt: hurt lll‘JHT and cnnnnlt: tInnr. Part D lulls ynu what I” um. More frequum luhricttliun mu}- hc l'L'LILIlJ'L'il when mart-used In :t unrrnnit'c unt'imnnlent.

Start er Switch

A CAUTION: When you an during this check. thl.I vehicle could

move suddmfly. II II 11m, you or others could be injured. Follow the steps below.

I. Belling 3-: HI HHJI‘T. hr: HIJI'I: you hum: :tiungh I'UUIH tII'nth'tle Ilic vehicle.


I-"inltlf, uppity l'ltilll‘l l.lle..' PHIL-I'll}; ln'ukt: Incl: "F'tu'ltittg Haiku" in the Index il' ntucssnry] 11nd llu: regular ltrttku.

NOTE: Dn nut IJh'L‘ lhu uct'clurttlnr pudui. nnd bu rcutly tn Ittrn til'l' Ihc engine 'tt'nnmdiutul;r it" it 51.1115.

4. Tu; It: \liil'i The engine in. each gear. Thr: tutu'uzr n'lmuhl work nnly in PARK tP] nr NEUTRAL tN t. It" tht: nutter wnrktt in :Iny nther pustiinn. ynur which: neuda nun-ice.


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