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CAUTION: lConlinuedl

Air bags are designed to 1i'irorlt only in moderate to severe crashes where the front or your vehicle hits something. They aren’t designed to inflate at all in rollover. rear, side, or low -speed frontal crashes. Everyone in your 1vehicle, including the driver. should wear a safety belt properly --

whether or not there's an air hag for that person.


Air bags inflate with great fore-e, faster than the blink of an eye. If you‘re too close to an inflating air bag. it could seriously Injure yoLL Safety belts help keep you in position for an air bag inflation in a crash. Always wear your safety belt. even with an air hag. The driver should sit as I'ar haelt as possible while still maintaining control of the vehicle.


An inflating air hag can seriously injure small children. Always secure children properly in your

yehlcte. To read how, see the part of this manual called "Children" and the caution label on the right front passenger‘s safety hell.



'I'here is all. in: bag readiness light cm Ihc instrument panel. whieli shows AIR BAG. The system checks Ihu air lung's electricul system liar malfunctions. Tin: light lells you if ilk-re IH an electrical prol'ilem. See “Mr Hag. HCtlUIIIChh Light" in the Index for more inl'fll‘l'llilt'ltm.

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