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Lift Ihl: headlamp uwuj; t'rnm the car.

Turn lhe. bulb :iL'hCl-CEI U4 [urn utiunlnrclctckwiw. while praising it firmly.

Ruinnve the wire connector from the hull: by lilting-21hr lUL'lL Iuh nml pulling it away From the plastic base.

'11: l'CilhisunthlL'. attach the wire mnnactnr (Al in the plastic huh-e making sure (It: luck tab {Bi is twcr the lock 1C}. Install thu- bull-i by putting the small tnh ED] into the srt'mll I'IUICl'IjlllhelflmrJ‘lEl.Tlll'1ILhtE bulb sticks! H4 turn clm‘kwise in luck 'mm p1ucc.“"helt reinstalling the l'IE-itdlulllp aanrmhly intn the headlamp mounung panel. make sure the tub ir- pmperly engaged in (ht: panel Slfll’.

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