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Adding out}r plain water to your mating system can be dangerous. Plnin water. III" some other liquid like alcohol. can boil before the proper eeela n1 mix will. 1l’nur vehicle‘s mutant warning system is set for the proper eoolant mix. With plain water or the wrong mix, your engine eould get too hot but yen wouldn‘t get the overheat warning. Your engine eould catch fire and gum or others could he hurnetl. Use a Stiisfi mix of clean water and e pmper antifreeze.


[l'ynu use an improper eoolunt mix. your engine eunitl overheat and he badly damaged. the repair eusl it'tiultln‘t he eu'rerfll by your warrant}. Tun much water in the min tall freeze and eraek the engine. radiator. heater cure ailll dither part5.


A titling lliloolant

Thu L'nulmfl “jg-In 81'? lillik l3. lilL‘LtlL‘Ll ttl llil: [Elli Uli lilt‘. Eng if“: L'titiitiitt'l nil: i" .

To Cheek {‘lmlllnt

when your engine Lu cold. the eimlanl level Hill‘tlliti hi: all l"1.lL| (SDI .I'} not a little higher. When yuur engine ix warill. the level almuld in: up It: FL'LL llii'l' (‘1' .1 llttle

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