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Automatic Transaxle Fluid When to Cheek. and Change

A guud lime Lt} eheek your autumatie II'uIieuxle fluid level is when the engine oil is changed. Refer to the Mainteiianee Schedule in determine when to change jmur l'luid. See “Scheduted Maintenance Services" in the Index.

How tn Cheek

Because this operation eun he :1 lillle difficult. j-‘nu may ehnuse tn have Iltis clnne at your Buick dealer Sen-ice Department.

It you do it yourself. be sure to follow all the inh'truetiunx here. nr yet-u euuld get :1 fake reading on the



Tue much or too little fluid can damage your lransaxle. Too much ean mean that some of the

fluid uuutd CIIIITJE' nut: and felt an het engine parts or exhaust system parts. starting a fire. Be sure to get an aeeurate reading If you check yuur

transa the fluid.

Wait :El lL‘lll-il. 3i} minutes hel'ure ethl-Ling [he trans-tattle fluid level ii'ymi have heen driving:

0 1|When nulHide temperatures tire .iJl'HIWE 'illFF HEW? l. I m high \peecl fer quite a while.

0 In heavy traffic —- especially in hut weather.

a 1While pulling a trailer.

To get the right tending. the fluid shnulti he at nnrrnail operating temperature. which is J ELF F m Elli“ F I'HE"C 1U 93" Cl.

Get the vehicle warmed up by driving ab-nut 15 mileit r24 km; when uuteide temperatures are ahuve 50°F [10°C]. [1' it‘s: colder than EWF t 10°C}. you may have Le drive longer.


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