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How to Wear Safety Belts Properly Adults

Thia'. pan if. only for imnplu of mill“ uixu.

Br: aware [hot [hero on: special Ihings-i In know about Safety bells and children. And [here ore different rules For smuHcr children and buhioh'. Ifo child will be riding in ynur Buick. 51212 the port [Ifth'u-i manual culled ”Children." Follow those IIFIES for everyone-’5 protection.

Firm. you'll wom [u know which rCHtraim shalom}: your vehicle has.

1W6.” mo Wilh tho driwrr th-silinn.

Driver Position

'l‘ha'h purl dehm'ihex the driver‘s Texlminl system.

Lap-Shoulder Belt

The driver has il lop-shoulder holi. Hero's-i how lu woor il properly.

I. Chloe und loci. lhu door.

1. Adjust the scar {no soc how, so: “Susana" in [he [ndexl so you our: oil up mrotghl.


Pick up the lunch plqu and pull Ihl: hull ocmxs ynu. Don‘t lol it go: twisted.

Push the lamb pkolc inln Lht hutklt‘ until it olivkx.

Pull I.I|H1r1 II'IL' lult'll plan: In make son: il is secure. I1" tho {TIL ihh‘l lung though. so: “Silfirty Boll Extender” at IhL' om] nl' Il'liH suction.

Mako sure th' rL-ioum: button on the buckle ix positioned so you would h: able In unhouklo tho Nilf'flty boll quickly if you over hud to.


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