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2. Dampen a clean cloth with mineral spin‘is nr an equivalent sniwni.

3. Win: a cluth river 1h: mast section 5, removing any dirt.

'4. Wipe dry Iwith a clean Eitlth hefnra retracting.

5. Make [ha antenna gn up and down by turning, the radio or ignition on and off.

6. Then repeat if necessary.



Don't lubricate the power antenna. Lubrication caulti damage it.


Before entering an automatic car wash. turn off your radio to make the pun-er amt-n nu go down. This will prevent the mast from pnmihly getting

damaged. II' the antenna does not ga dawn when you turn the radio ul‘t‘1 it may be damaged or need to be cleaned. In either case. Inwar Lin:

antenna by hand by carefully pressing the antenna dawn.

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