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Cassette Tape Player Care

A tape player that is not cleaned regularly can cause reduced sotmd quality. mined cassettes. or a damaged mechanism. Cassette tapes should be stored in their eaten away front contaminants. direct sunlight. and extreme heaL If they aren‘t. they may not operate properly or may cause Failure of the tape player.

Your tape player should be cleaned regularly after every 5t} hours of use. if you notice a reduction in sound quality. try a known good cassette to 5c: if the tape or the tape player is at l'ault. If this other cassette has no imprtwetnent in sottnd quality. clean the tape player.

The recommended tape player cleaning method is with a scrubbing-action. non—abrasive cleaning cassette. This is a wet-type cleaning system that uses a cleaning cassette with pads which scrub the tape head as the hut-ts of the

cleaner cassette turn. If you use this type of cleaner. the radin may eject the cartridge. This is normal and is the result of an added feature in the tape player that detects broken tapes. [1' the cleaning cassette is ejected. you will need to insert it a total of at least three times to thoroughly clean the tape player.

You may prefer to use a non-scrubbing action. wet-type eieatter. This type of cleaner uses acassette with a tahrie belt which cleans the lope head. This type oi cleaning cassette will not be ejected. but it may not clean the tape player as thoroughly as the scmhhtng—lype cleaner described above.

Cassettes are subject to wear and me sound quality may degrade overtime. Always make sure that the cassette tape is in good condition before you have your tape player serviced.

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