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Trip Odometer

A irip udmnulcr s.".u| tell

. hi'm- far ynu'w Lll'i'rrcn Hiram: I :‘p'tIILI ld.‘-i Mil ll. Incl; 1:1 rem.

Tn react at. push lllu hullun.

Warning Lights, Gages and Indicatflrs Thin purl descnlm the warning ischla and g1::;1e~.1lun

Inu}: h:rmyuur1.'i3l1ir!€.'l'h€qwicmrm I.'l'ill heir: 1m“ loam- them.

WJI'mng lighls and gages ran .‘ilgflill [hm Sill'l'lflll'lll'lg is wrung hcfuru: il htuumcn atrium enough [0 cause an L'hllfi‘r'lhl'ffl repair or rcpluccmcm. ’uying attention In your warning Iighln‘ and {:11ch could alm ti'fllv'e you or mhers from injury.

Warning lighls mm: mm when lhErL‘ may hc ur in :1 PJ'IrhlL‘lll whh una- m' your vehicle‘s funcrinnx. M yuu will we in "11: duluih. l'H'J ll'lL" nu.“ lbw pugfi. :some warning lighlu mm:- un briefly when you stun :th unginc just [U lcl yuu kllnw they're working. If FULL are familiar with thix sculiun. yuu hhuuld no: he almned when this huppuns.

(33ch can indium: when {here may he or is u pl'uhlcm whh one nfynur vchiclc'h' l'unL'Liuns. Ul'tt‘rl gum-e. and warning lights wurk lugulhcr Lu lul you know when mere‘n :l pmhlern with your 'I."L‘l'.|l2i.'lL‘.

When rune 01'th- wurning lightu turner. L'In and stay: on when you :1rerlriuing. nr when (111:: (11' th' gugus Hillfl'fl-‘h [here may. he :I pmblenl. check rhe acclinn lhul hulls you what to do ulmm i1. P1432351: t'nlluw this manunl'x udVicc. “'Iflfllrlg [H Um repairs Linn hi:- L‘osrly -— :Jnil uwrl Llungrmun. SL'I I'llc-ilht'. get to lunnw your warning l'lghlh unIJ gngm. Thry'ru u hi‘Lr help

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