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REVERSE [R]: Use this gear to back up.

NOTICE: Shifting to REVERSE {R} while your vehicle is

moving forward mold damage your mantle. Shift toREVERSE (3}mfly after your vehicle is


To rock your vehicle back and fulfil to get out of snow. ion: or sand wimout damaging your transaxlo. so: “if

You're Stuck in Sand, Mud, Ice or Snow" in tho Index.

NEUTRAL {N}: In this positiom your origin: doesn’t

Ensum the shift lever is fully in PARK {P} range before “Unfit Witt! the th5‘ TD “53‘9“ W113“ WW“ :1an the engine. Your Buick has a brake-transaxlc already "10““5- “55 NEUTRAF [N9 ““1?“ mm“ "5" shift interlock, You ham: to fully apply your regular MAL {N} when 3'0“: Yah'de '5 being “”31" broken borer? you can shift from PARK (Pi when flu:

ignition kn} is in the RUN position. If you cannot shift

out of PARK (P), east pmsuro on tho shift lever and

push fl}: shift lever 11]] the way into PARK {P} as you

maintain brake application; Then move the shift [over

into the gear you wish. Son "Shifting Out of PARK {PT'

in this out.


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